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The Chalet

Chalet Kiana is a modern (well, built 16 years ago now), well fitted-out, classic ski chalet. It has six ensuite double bedrooms, all with balconies whether front- or back-facing and a beautiful view of the mountainscape from the front. It is located in a nice, quiet area of Les Contamines, which itself is fairly quiet.  So no late-night disruptions from cheering skiers or summer folk near us, unless you brought them with you.

Chalet Kiana is situated about 100 metres above the village. It is a 500 metre walk down to the centre of the village (the church) and about a 5 minute drive to the lifts at Le Lay and Gorge. Alternatively, if you would like to ski in the St Gervais / Bettex / Combloux / Megève ski area, just head down the valley in your car and you will be there in 10 minutes. The ‘Mont Blanc Evasion’ ski pass covers both. In summer, we’re 50 metres from the GR5/Tour du Mont Blanc walk (Chemin du P’tou).


Below are the plans for the layout, so that you can see how the three floors of the chalet are set out. Four bedrooms on the top floor (3x twin rooms + 1x double room), two bedrooms on the middle floor (1x twin; 1x double) plus kitchen, dining room, TV room (‘bureau’), additional shower room at main salon for dining and sitting around watching the flames lick the logs in the fire.

Ground Floor

the apartment consists of Sejour + CH. 1 & CH. 2 + Bains. The rest is the 'main chalet'.

Middle Floor

CH.1 is a twin bedroom; CH.2 is a double bedroom.

Top Floor

CH. 5 and CH. 6 are rear-facing twin bedrooms. CH. 3 is a front-facing twin room and CH. 4 is a front-facing double bedroom.

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